Rainbow Bridge

rainbow slandIt is firmly believed by most animal lovers that their pets go to Heaven when they die and that they will be reunited with them one day.

One of the stories which gives us great comfort is the legend of the Rainbow Bridge which connects Earth to Heaven.
Our deceased pets wait for us on the earthly side of the bridge. They live and play in the sunshine amidst the lush green grass, there is ample food and no danger. All species live together peacefully, the old and frail become young again, and the ill and damaged become healthy and whole. All is well, except for one thing – they miss the person who they loved and loved them when they were in their earthly bodies.

All will change one day, though.

Every now and then there is great expectation amongst the throng of animals waiting at the bridge. They know somebody is coming – will this be their day? Will it be their special person?

They stare at the mist, they see a shadowy figure coming towards them, and suddenly one of the animals becomes alert, pricks up his ears, and his eyes shine more brightly than they did before as he recognises his ‘own’ person arriving at the bridge. With great joy the two run towards each other and smother each other with kisses, then they walk together over the Rainbow Bridge into the land that knows no parting.

One day we’ll all be together again.

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