The food donation  bin in Pets at Home Oban is now being used by another charity for the next few months. If you wish to leave an item for us please put our name on it and give it to one of the staff who will put it round the back for us to collect.
The collecting bins in Aldi, Bookers and Lidl are for  another charity only. Small Paws does not benefit from anything left in those.


As an independent Charity, we receive no government funding, and rely solely on the generosity of supporters


This shelter has been here for over 20 years and was originally run
in conjunction with  Small Paws Boarding Cattery.  A year ago the boarding side shut down and it  is now run entirely as an animal shelter.

Many years ago one of our local vets told me that before we came on to the scene most unwanted animals taken into the surgery were destroyed – cats dogs, kittens, puppies. Everything. The fate of those which didn’t get as far as the surgery doesn’t bear thinking about. Animals which were found on the street were kept for their ‘legal’ time, after which, if nobody turned up for them or a new owner couldn’t be found,  they were also destroyed.

No funding is received from the Scottish or local Governments, nor from the   lottery. All the money  received is from donations and  fundraising efforts.
We are all volunteers, no-one gets paid a penny, and we pay our own expenses.  All of the money we raise is spent on the animals.

Although Small Paws Rescue is mainly involved with cats and kittens we can also take in, for rehoming, other domestic pets (except dogs). Please have a look at our ‘other animals’ page for information on that.

Our shelter is no-kill, except on a vet’s advice.


Please note that Small Paws Rescue is not
involved with dog rescue
Hope you enjoyed your visit




 Reg. charity SC044301
Achabeag, Cuan Rd, Balvicar, By Oban PA34 4RJ
01852 300362
Mobile – 07818 636613 (when signal available!)

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